4/5 Asian Vibes Holiday Special 小长假派对!

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Asian Vibes在短暂的冬歇过后,新一年的派对计划也随着春天的到来而复苏了!我们的老朋友Masaru再次从日本赶来,和Asian Vibes常驻DJ,以及本土新生代DJ们一起,共同为你带来一场小长假特别派对。在Mansion的一楼和地下室里,你将邂逅各种音乐风格。

After a short winter break, Asian Vibes party project of 2018 come alive as the spring comes. Our buddy Masaru is going to depart from Japan and meet with Asian Vibes residents, together with upcoming local young souls, bring you a holiday special party. You will find various music genres on the 1st floor and basement of Mansion.

   日期 Date

4月5日 周四

5th April, Thursday

   地点 Venue


虹井路851号 皇朝别墅B18(秘密通道在延安西路上)

No.851 Hongjing Road (Secret Door on West Yan'an Road)

   门票 Entrance

22pm-1am: 100RMB


***含5张酒券(Include 5 drink ticket)

***可自带酒水(You can bring your own drinks)


来自日本,曾作为一名发型设计师被选为日本史上最年轻的代表参加全球比赛,同年在香港的全球比赛上获得季军。出于对音乐的热爱,多才多艺的他后来转变成了一名天才Hip-Hop DJ,在接触到德国的Love Parade和葡萄牙的Boom Festival之后,深受锐舞文化的影响,逐渐形成了如今的Electro-Rock风格。独特的音乐诠释加上高水准混音技巧,总能牢牢地锁住他的听众。 

Masaru is a Japanese DJ/producer based in Romania. He used to be a genuine Hip-Hop DJ. When introduced to the rave culture, the Love Parade in Germany and the Boom Festival in Portugal has impacted and influenced his playing method to his current electro-rock style. His audience is locked by his excellent expression of sound supported by his high-end gadgets and machines alongside his high-level mixing techniques!

在他成为制作人之前,就已经出现在了日本Rising Sun Rock Festival和Nagisa Music Festival的演出名单上。曾为日本Techno大神Takkyu Ishino在札幌Precious Hall的演出暖场。2012年,他的首支单曲“See The World”发行于Shin Nishimura的厂牌Plus Records,并由Nishimura亲自制作remix。这张特别的EP被收入日本知名音乐网站Wasabeat的榜单中。2014年,MASARU移居欧洲,并在意大利的Sub Woofer Rec,西班牙的Mona Rec,波兰的Sound Wave等多个厂牌发行作品。 

The veteran rookie to appear in big festivals in japan such as Rising Sun Rock Festival and Nagisa Music Festival before debut! He performed as an opening act for Japan's own Techno-God Takkyu Ishino at Precious Hall, Sapporo. "See The World", debut single of him, was released from the Plus Records, which is owned by Shin Nishimura. This single was remixed by artists including Nishimura, and this special EP was listed in the chart of Wasabeat. In 2014 Masaru moved to europe and releasing his single from SubWoofer Rec @ Italy, Mona Rec @ Spain, and sound wave @ Poland.


来自上海,曾在独立唱片公司担任多年诸多年轻品牌的音乐策划,如Nike,Converse,Vans等。曾和Jony J / Hoodboi / Lucki ecks / Okasian等国内外不同派对的优秀DJ和rapper都有过同台演出。她的DJ风格迥异,最擅长hiphop,trap rap,future,r&b,bass等各类嘻哈和低音音乐。一直喜欢音乐多元化的她也逐渐形成了独具个人色彩多变绮丽的dj风格,让台下观众永远不知道下一秒会遭遇怎样的音乐冲击。

Jennyann used to work in an independent record company ,choose music for many brands such as nike,converse,vans. She has shared the decks with many talented international artists such as Jony J, Hoodboi,Lucki ecks and Okasian, as well as veteran djs of local party organizers. Strong in hiphop, trap rap, future, r&b,  bass and many other music,she has developed a unique and diverse djing style.



Either/Or is an rising DJ from Moscow. Having a deep passion for electronic music, she started her DJ career last year. Grew up in the capital of Russia, Moscow, deeply influenced by the atmosphere of Russian electronic music of the 90-s and 00-s. Balancing between techno, experimental music and house music, Either/Or flawlessly integrates those genres into her sets.


Asian Vibes常驻DJ。2008日本留学回国后开始了对音乐的探索之路,中途被Techno音乐深深吸引……2018以全新的面貌和曲风将大家带入黑暗世界。曾与VSK,Alex Smoke,DRUMCELL,ANETHA等艺人同台演出。

After graduated and return from Japan in 2008, started his music journey and discovered his interest in Techno. As one of Asian Vibes residents, his fine selection of Techno music will bring you a deep dark vibe just like his profile provides. Shared stage with international artists like VSK, Alex Smoke, DRUMCELL, ANETHA, etc. 


在过去6年里,Rain Kuang一直在上海的地下音乐圈内占有一席之地。受邀成为过常驻DJ, 会出现在豪华hotel演出,也会一整个夏天都在屋顶办派对,她常在这座不夜城里最新、最酷的场所演出。 Rain的风格大概就是不拘一格,完全享受随心所欲的支配去做自己想做的音乐,不羁任何形式或是风格。 用她自己的想法表述,大概就是只想为能与她的音乐产生共鸣的人群放音乐。

Rain Kuang has been a staple in Shanghai’s music scene for the past 6 years and playing at one of the city’s newest and coolest venues. She also spent last few year as the resident DJ for all the famous five star hotels and held residencies on the bund’s rooftop parties throughout the summer. Her sets are versatile spanning everything form house and its techier alternatives, as well as disco, funk, motown, house, R&B, and oldschool hip hop. She’s plays for the crowd, understands her audiences, and keeps her set on point.


独立文化Club之一Arkham的管理者,“4×4×4×4”派对创始人,也是Asian Vibes常驻DJ。有着14年的电子音乐经历。18岁开始DJ历程,始终坚持自己热爱的Deep House和Techno音乐的推广。稳定的四四拍融入德式电子音乐风格,始终走在潮流前列,但不被潮流左右。

Asian Vibes resident dj, founder of "4*4*4*4" party series, manager of underground club Arkham in Shanghai. Max has 14 years experience in the electronic music industry. He started DJing at the age of 18, has always stayed true to promoting deep house and techno, where his passion lies. His reliable 4*4 beats blended with German electroic flavor always stay at the cutting edge of trends, and never be affected by trends.


居住上海的日本籍。90年代作为Rock乐队的吉他手展开活动, 创作了众多Rock乐曲,并自行制作发行CD。2006年开始在上海DJ,音乐魅力多变,非常有渲染力。2011年创立了派对品牌Asian Vibes, 2013年开始“中国首演系列派对”, 邀请国际DJ来上海演出,与国内DJ合作开拓中国地下电音市场。

Japanese DJ based in Shanghai since 2003. Founder of Asian Vibes. His sets are meant to be effective to techno crowds, they work like a charm, but expect the flawlessly unexpected. Started project "China Debut Series" in 2013, invited many international artists to Shanghai for their debut performance, while keep exploring the Chinese underground electronic scene with local djs.


年轻的上海新晋DJ和活动组织者(BRONZ, 上海))。不断挖掘并搜寻优质的音乐一直是他日常的爱好与良好的习惯,作为一个活动组织者,他也一直在全世界的范围内寻找杰作并且探索新的艺术家。他擅长播放House, Techno, Deep house等等。在他的DJ set中,Lemonäde通过各种音乐类型来展现他的音乐视野,在舞池中创造出一种明亮而又有力的氛围。

Lemonäde can be described as a devoted member of Shanghai electronic music community. DJ and party organizer(co-owner of BRONZ, organising cultural and music evens in Shanghai). He was brought up in Shanghai, studied in USA, travelled a lot around the world. That helped him to developed a unique taste for music with a mixed spectrum of musical influence, including techno hip-hop and all kinds of house, breakbeat etc). He spends a lot of time digging tracks, searching for masterpieces and discovering new artists all over the world.

   Time Table


22:00 - Either/or & Jennyann


00:00 - Faceless

01:00 - Rain Kuang

02:00 – Masaru

03:00 – Max Shen

04:00 – Yoshinaga

05:00 - Lemonäde

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